Working, part 2

More work I’ve been doing lately is freelance mind mapping for a software company called NovaMind. They make the NovaMind mind mapping program I use for planning, organizing, note taking, and more. They’ve just revamped their website, and a lot of the mind maps in the informational pages on mind mapping are mine, and I’ll be working on mind maps to illustrate some of the pages that don’t yet have them.

The illustrations in this post come from this page, Mind Mapping for Students. While I did all but one of the mind maps on the page, the webmaster did the nifty “cover flow” gadget at the top of the page that scans through the mind maps, and the automatic magnifying lens that gives you a closer view when you move your cursor over an image.

See this page, and others linked from it (in the Mind Mapping menu on the right) for more of my work. Check out the informative video (8 minutes) on the NovaMind home page to see just how useful and versatile this program is. I couldn’t be without it: it helps me think!