Theories, influences, and guidelines

These pages identify important influences on my thinking and actions. They affect what I do and how. I try to live up to these ideals and work to apply them to solve problems and make the world a better place.

Visual literacy

While I have long been interested in art and the aesthetics of design, it’s only recently that I’ve studied and consciously applied the principles articulated by people like Robert Horn, on visual language, and Edward Tufte, on information design. I think of their field as visual literacy, and I believe it is an increasingly important skill.

Robert Horn and visual language
Edward Tufte and information design

Learning organizations

Similarly, the concept of a learning organization, where people continuously strive to improve their own and their company’s performance, teamwork, and quality of life, is intuitively appealing to my idealistic nature. It is articulated by Peter Senge and his colleagues, and exemplified by Dee Hock’s experience building the Visa organization. These ideas hold promise for helping us solve more complex and interrelated problems in ways that will provide opportunities for everyone on earth to not merely survive, but thrive.

Peter Senge and learning organizations
Dee Hock and chaordic organizations