Anti-Litter Task Force Meeting 3/8/06

  What is our purpose?

  Develop and implement programs to eradicate litter and dumping and promote beautification on Maui Island with a focus on...

develop ways to change the attitudes of residents to take pride in our `aina

  working with CWD

CWD = Community Work Day
they lead the effort to motivate and organize groups to clean up debris



  What is the difference between education and awareness?

  education is in schools, awareness is to public

  we need to grab a lot of hearts - "I kea" - the indian chief crying

  bumper sticker: "I kea, don't litter"

  resurrect or remind people of those ads to get them involved again

  what are results of slogan research?

  see "#14 (s/b 15)" below



  what is status of ideas from past meetings?

want to build on these, use them, put them into action; not just talk and generate more ideas

  #1 Involve Project EAST students to assist with education and awareness aspects

Students from 2 high schools (Baldwin and King Kekaulike) attended Feb 14 mtg and will share their ideas at some point
None are here today

  #2 CWD to heavily publicize litter hotline phone number

# is 1-888-592-2522
most litter hotline calls are about someone throwing something from a moving vehicle

  what happens if someone calls hotline?

  K. Regan sends a form letter to initiate process

  DON'T call 911

  police chief says DO call 911 if someone's actively dumping a car or appliance

  could we get clarification?

  yes; MPD officer M. Vickers will clarify by 3/17


  confusion - 3 or more numbers to call? (litter hotline, MPD, 911)

  when to call which?

  need to spell it out for people

  #3 Legislation

  #3A environmental court - DEAD

  #3B SB3114 funding for statewide action on litter control


help each county; like CWD, Maui would run it for the rest of the state
statewide litter control office
Marty will provide more info

  #3C propose legislation that businesses selling & delivering appliance would have to take it back

like tires; municipalities have authority; can penalize offenders
based on HRS
Recycling would first work with industry to get them up to speed

  has been successfully implemented in many communities

  Costco SELLS a lot of appliances but does not DELIVER them

  let's ask for voluntary compliance

  store gets goodwill; looks good

  county could advertise businesses taking part

  include all items that can't go in landfill, like batteries, sofas, etc.

  what authority do we have? (licensing, enforcement...)

  ask corp. counsel


Mike will ask
Counsel will be busy with budget for next 2 weeks so may not be able to provide timely answer

  what related ideas could help?

  universal trash pickup; (UTP) would also need legislation

  is cost data available?

  many challenges involved such as equipment sized for small streets

  some places DEFINE universal as "if the truck drives by your house"

so in those cases it can be required
might increase landfill and recycling streams

  similar to sewer hookup

  funding difference; based out of property taxes vs. fee for service

  should this group address this issue?

  This group should make recommendation that UTP would have positive impact; let appropriate orgs work out the details

  research successful mainland programs for UTP

  #4 Mayor's 3/23 Akaku show

involve prosecutor, police

  everyone please watch

  #5 Deputize K-4 school kids

Example from internet: Litter Posse in Texas

  easy to get kids involved after they see the CD

  involve police? like crossing guards, JPO


JPO = junior police officer
Keith Regan will check viability with police, get in touch with Ayla

  not sure JPO is still a viable progarm

  is it?

  yes, an event ~6 months ago seemed to imply so

  have them take an oath, get a a badge, stickers

  also involve Scouts, boy's & girl's clubs

  #6 Cameras on hotspots - related to enforcement

MPD is serious about it; asking each district to provide suggestions for how to deal with it in their district.
Some cameras are available to MPD.
GIS mapped out every location where abandoned vehicles have been tagged - basically, wherever people live.

  drop box sites would be a good place to put a camera

  people often dump appliances there

  what is cost of camera?

  $805 for purchase & installation

  let's invest in a camera NOW

  invite a reporter to next meeting to publicize it

  they won't want to listen to all this

  write a press release instead

  focus on enforcement angle

  how will monitoring be carried out?

  one neighbor caught another neighbor poisoning his plants by installing a surveillance camera

  people would rather pay $65 recycling fee than $2500 fine

  every action should spell out consequences, alternatives

  advertise that surveillance cameras will be used

  is there a right to privacy issue with cameras?


Honolulu uses them

  announce where cameras will be placed

  people won't dump there anymore

  they'll just dump somewhere else

  announce that cameras will be installed but don't say where, or change locations w/o notice

  people also dump stuff that COULD go to the dump, they may just not know

  weekly newspaper article to increase awareness

  is "litter bugs me" still alive?

  yes, some Keep America Beautiful programs are still alive and can be used

  we also want to add a local spin

  using nat'l themes has a lot of built-in support

  build on these and give them a local slant

  is there money to reward people who report litter?

  talking trash, trash talking

  who would write it?

  we need funds and a support person

  Cheryl Holm did nice work for MEDB FMN BoH

  would need to get quotes from 3

  get a journalism student

  not professional enough

  need to get newspaper's support

  We have Joe Bradley's support for a "splash", will ask for more (like weekly column)

  #7 Review Keep America Beautiful website for ideas
no comments on this one

  #8 Highway signage

hwy dept ok with it

  get schools involved in making signs based on slogans we come up with

  project EAST students have access to fancy SW to make nice signs

  then how to transfer and actually get signs made?

  wood shop

  metal shop

  kids can work it out

  #9 State DOT "Adopt a highway"

4 times per year
no state coordinator; just by island
most state hwys are adopted
no schedule
makes a mess when mowing so pickup before mowing would be nice
group tells DOT when they do it & then DOT picks up bags the next day

  work with groups that have adopted a highway, get them involved in our efforts

  volunteers get frustrated, burned out; trash comes back right away; public doesn't seem to care

  try to coordinate with CWD

  #10 Keep America Beautiful sponsors

Lynn is waiting for list from KAB?

  #11 DVDs & laptops to schools

Marty had status?

  #12 Reach out to business & visitor industry

info provided to Chamber; they're in leadership transition right now and not able to focus yet

  need a point person at chamber after they're done with transition

  #13 Keep Maui beautiful summit

hope to do it in May
need to work around keep america beautiful schedule

  get support from big companies - sponsorship

  #14 List convicted litterers

starts with conviction; need to first find them and go thru the whole prosecution process

  name offenders in regular newspaper column

  public humiliation for offenders may be more effective

  stand by highway wearing sandwich signs proclaiming guilty of littering

  perform mandatory community cleanup work

  #14 (s/b 15) Catch phrases, marketing; slogans

  "`aina care"

  "na" sounds too much like "no"; too much like "ainokea" - negative, "I no care" connotation

  WE care

  malama Maui

  can we pick one now?

  committee of <= 5 people to develop slogans and make recommendations

  don't want to start another committee; let's get MOVING!

  having a good slogan is too important to try to rush

  beyond idea, work out details

  who will be on slogan committee?

  Hana, Dave, Cheryl, Helen, me

Cheryl will coord. mtg

  maybe involve EAST students

involve them in graphics, signage, school publicity

  "click it or ticket" is very clear; may need similar clarity for antilitter

"Click it or ticket" is national and had a lot of money behind it
It spells out desired behavior, and consequences of non-compliance - good model for us

  advertising campaign


pacific radio group - would like to help, be spearhead to get message out
did a campaign w/ police dept; recommend 13 weeks min for effectiveness, they'd match 1:1 for whatever we can spend
they'd help us create ads

  TV ads

  can't do just Maui campaign

  what could we do for $5000?

  would be based on demographic for chosen slogan

  #15 (s/b 16) Malama the aina

  art displays at mall, art made out of trash

  mall mgt changed

  could do it at county bldgs

  provide public art at area to create more community spirit; people care more about it

community involvement in creating it, include the desired messages

  beach shelters were painted and are now frequently vandalized

  this would be a longer term effort

  get community arts commission involved

  Adopt a park

  trash in parks is related to not having UTP

  negative impacts of adopt a park program - some people think they OWN it

ex: opposing team can't practice here
other guys can't hang out here with us

  we do have an unofficial adopt a park program

need to work with district office
always need people to do service projects

  Kihei KPAC group (Kalama Park) has been very successful

  maybe need to educate them on the front end: you're doing this for love, not control

  beautification projects could anchor a program

  HTA funding, matching may be available

  enthusiasm tends to die out; needs to be sustained or project will fall apart

example: Buck Joiner's work at Kamaole Point
Park's Dept can't be expected to do the ongoing work

  all of these programs need ongoing commitment from legislative & funding perspective

  What should WE DO to have some tangible results?

  have another appliance pickup day

  it's needed

  too expensive, $10,000 last time

  announce a recent win

  picked up 6000 lbs of trash & 80+ appliances on Waiko Rd.

  have before & after photos

  it was volunteers

  everyone knows Waiko Rd. is a problem

  it's so much cleaner now

  They were in elect Arakawa T-shirts

  challenge all political candidates to pick up trash; organize a volunteer effort

  It's "Mayor's" task force... might look too political

  challenge groups and organizations to do it instead of sign waving

  Kimo's group did that in the past, didn't wave signs, picked up litter, handed out stickers, very effective

  will ask ethics advisor if this would be okay


Lynn will ask

  Lynn will draft a writeup (potential press release) and forward it to group, with photos