Slogan Committee Meeting 3/14/06

  What should our slogan be?

  `Aina care

A new take on 'Ainokea' -
... Show some respect!
... No litter, no junk!
... Pack your opala!
... Malama Maui.
... Our home, our pride
... Let's Keep Maui No Ka Oi
These phrases could run all together or as a single one following AINA CARE.
Could also be catchy as a series of highway sandwich boards... phrase by phrase.
Many possibilities for other messages, incorporating the local style.
Make it, take it!

  Directly counters "ainokea"

  Still sounds too similar; "na" sounds like "no"

  Malama Maui

How about "We Care - Malama Maui Nui" and a byline below that?
(... because WE the community care or should care).
See additional ideas under `Aina care

  Directly counters "ainokea"

  Local flavor

  Good alliteration

  Is there a "Malama Maui" group already in existence?

Don't want to infringe on anyone's copyright

  Go with Malama Maui and Tita as spokesperson; use Keep Maui Beautiful as a backup if there's an issue

Use Kathy and her creativity and build on the ideas we've already generated, with Malama Maui as an overarching theme

  Lots of options for variations on "Malama Maui" if there's an issue with that specific phrase

  Rhyme - I love Maui, So do you...

I love Maui
so do you
please pick up
the trash you threw!

The trash you threw
is in my face
so please go find
a better place (picture of trash can)

  Listen to Tita, no Littah

pidgin style... please envision the local character 'Tita' played by Kathy Collins saying this on the radio:

"Eh, di is Tita an you not gonna believe wat happen to me!
I got one fone call askin me to be the anti-litter spokesperson.
And I say, who me... Tita?... what I know bout littah?
But den I start to think bout all the opala on the roads, and da
junk cars, and da mattress down in da parkin lot... and Maui didn
use to be like dat..."
This would seguy into a Tita style call to action... we all gotta pitch in
to make a change, etc.
And end with "Listen to Tita, don't Littah"

Since Kathy's Tita seems like the perfect person to engage a wide section
of the community we gave her a call and she said she'd be honored to become
our anti-litter spokesperson. She is willing to work on a series of short scripts
that address the topics and provide positive alternatives to dumping.

The slogan "Listen to Tita, don't Littah (or Litter)" could be used with her
picture on the roadside signs perhaps.

Kathy could get creative with variations, could deliver a series of messages

  Tita character would engage a wide section of the community

  Bullah ia still has a name

  Phrase is too narrow for overall theme

  Is there enough flexibility in the Tita character to cover all the themes?

  Create caricature drawing of Tita character to use in print pieces

Pay for a professional rendering

  Would anyone take offense to the Tita character?

  Make her an "auntie" Tita...

Don't go too heavy on the character
You're either an auntie or a Tita

  Okay if you think of Tita as an older Lilo (from Lilo & Stitch)

  Image of Tita with niece to appeal to young children

She could tell the keiki about the old days, reminisce about the old themes, and the times when people cared about and took care of the land

  Keep Maui Beautiful

Make it an umbrella & put the others under it:
Tita, etc.

  Name of upcoming summit

  Active, postiive message

  Past history, builds on Keep America Beautiful

  Too haole

  Our Maui

  Needs an action word

  Malama our Maui

  What are our criteria?

  A broad theme

Use consistently - repeat message in different contexts
Ex: "No littah - malama Maui"; "You dump, we fine - malama Maui"

  A local slant

  Sends a clear message

  What is this committee's specific assignment?

  Just a slogan

  Marketing campaign concept

  Put trailers in movies

  Targets desired audience

   Won't come for free


  What is the target audience?

  Many different sectors



  People who buy a junker, use it for 3 months, dump it when they leave Maui

  Is money available for this?

  Cheryl's dep't has some grant money

  Rob Parson's Environmental Office may also be able to provide some funding

  How much $ does it take to make a difference in behavior?

  About 50 cents per household per year

based on recycling experience
plan on $50-60,000 per year

  Multi-year campaign

Don't even start unless there will be long term support
Budget for it at state and county level

  Cultural message on arriving airplane flights, Tita with Gov. Lingle